Session  Presentation File
 Day 1 Keynote
Day 1 Keynote - Sandy Summers - Examining Cultural Influences to Help Foreign-Educated Nurses.pdf 
 Session 1A
1A - Roque et al - Adventures in Active Learning Strategies.pdf
 Session 1B
1B - Peisachovich and Bradley - Succeeding on the Canadian NCLEX-RN.pdf
 Session 2A
2A - Ramji and Etowa - Workplace Integration Key Considerations for IENs and Employers.pdf
 Session 2B
2B - Schow et al - Teaching and Learning Strategies in IEN Bridging Education at Mount Royal University.pdf
 Session 3B 3B - Telfer et al - Nursing Community Assessment Service.pdf 
 Session 4A
4A - Bradley - Internationally Educated Nurses NCLEX-RN Preparation A Pedagogical Approach.pdf
 Session 4B
4B - Martin et al - Exploring Teaching And Learning Strategies From The IEN Learner.pdf
 Session 5A
5A - Strachan - Improving Language Proficiency of IENs.pdf
 Session 5B
5B - Kwan and Nordstrom - Learning From Experience The Substantially Equivalent Competency Assessment.pdf
 Session 6A6A - Hadfield - Gadamer A Philosophical Rationale To Approach Teaching.pdf
 Session 6B6B - Woods and Negrin - Academic Integrity A Values Based Approach .pdf 
 Session 7A7A - Iduye - Thinking Outside the Box Licensiure of IENs with Identified Educational Gaps.pdf 
 Session 7B7B - Interview Toolkit for Managers handout.pdf 
 Session 7B7B - Vincente and Wankel - Interview Toolkit for Managers.pdf 



 Session  Presentation File
 Day 2 - Keynote Day 2 Keynote - Colleen Varcoe - Equity-Oriented Approaches.pdf
 Session 8A
8A - Mercer and Campbell - Get Them Talking Promoting Online Discourse.pdf
 Session 9A
9A - Halligan and Demers - Registration Pathway For Internationally-Educated Nurses To Become Licensed.pdf
 Session 10B 10B - Baxter - IENs And The Nursing Workforce in Western Canada.pdf
 Session 11A
11A - Rauman - A Bridge to Success for IENs.pdf
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