Partners in Education and Integration of Internationally Educated Nurses


2018 - Catherine Baxter

Catherine Baxter is currently an Assistant Professor at Brandon University, Brandon, Manitoba.  She completed her Bachelor of Nursing and Master of Nursing at the University of Manitoba, and her PhD at Queen Margaret University, Scotland.  Catherine has worked in nursing education for over twenty years in both teaching and administrative positions. She has served on a number of provincial and national committees relating to the integration of IENs into the Health workforce in Canada and her current research focus explores the integration of Internationally Educated Nurses into the nursing workforce in Rural Manitoba.

2017 - Patricia Bradley

Dr. Bradley has been in academia for almost 40 years, having started her career in the Montreal, QC, moving to the United States and finally returning to Canada in 2007 to assume a tenured position in the School of Nursing at York University in Toronto.  In 2009, she was appointed program coordinator for the BScN program for Internationally Educated Nurses (IEN) at York, a position that she continues to hold up to the present.  Having been an IEN from Canada who worked in the US for many years, Dr. Bradley’s lived experience has further advanced her desire to work further with IENs.  She has conducted numerous researches and presentations on nursing, nursing education, IENs, IEN education, and has published in peer-reviewed journals and nursing textbooks.

Dr. Bradley’s program of research focuses on Internationally Educated Nurses (IENs), competency assessment, and innovative curriculum design and delivery. With funding from the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration and International Trade, and in collaboration with five of Ontario’s community colleges offering bridging education to IENs (led by George Brown College), she and her team have identified faculty development strategies and exciting new educational techniques, such as digital storytelling, that can help IENs succeed in being registered in Ontario.  She spearheaded the development of an NCLEX-RN review item bank specifically designed for IENs as part of this project.  A key theme in these projects is her close collaboration with the community colleges, a first of its kind in the history of bridging education in the province of Ontario.

With funding from the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration and International Trade, she and her team are currently identifying faculty development strategies and exciting new educational techniques, such as digital storytelling, that can help nurses educated in other countries succeed in being registered in Ontario.  For her work with IENs, Dr. Bradley has been instrumental in securing more than $7,000,000 grant monies from for projects related to supporting IENs in Ontario.

2016 - Patricia Marten-Daniel

Pat has been working with IENs for more than ten years now in her role as Chair of Nursing and Emergency Management in the School of Continuous Learning at George Brown College.  Her initial engagement with IENs began in 2004 when she joined a program that had 50 IEN students. That program is now the biggest IEN bridging program across the province of Ontario. A trailblazer, she pioneered in developing programs and courses specifically designed for IENs using different delivery models (in-class, online, blended) to address the complex needs of IENs, and to make them available even to those who are not able to attend their campus in downtown Toronto.

Pat’s untiring commitment to provide IENs with high quality supports, services, and programs is evident in the countless projects she has spearheaded to make these happen.  She pays attention to students’ needs.  She regularly holds dialogues with students, and makes time to listen to students’ concerns in determining what works and what doesn’t work. She is very student/IEN-oriented. For Pat, students’ needs drive everything else in the program. She is always on the move to give student more.  For example, she makes every effort to find bursaries and other forms of funding opportunities to help support IENs who have limited financial capabilities to support their bridging education. With the ongoing changes in the registration requirements, Pat is constantly on the move to find partnerships to provide a seamless transition for the IEN students she work with, whether it relates to registration and licensure, or to qualify for admission to university to obtain their RN designation. Most recently, she has forged an agreement with Trent University to allow IENs from George Brown College to transfer credit towards Trent’s BScN program.

An innovator and forward thinker, Pat has been at the forefront of many IEN-focused projects.  One way to gauge the value and impact of Pat’s work can be measured by the amount of government funding that she has secured to support these initiatives.  To date, she has received $9 million funding to support her projects.  With the support of similar-minded, innovative colleagues at George Brown College, she makes sure that these evidence-based projects are effectively orchestrated and incorporated in their programs and courses for IENs.  Pat is a doer – she is aware of the issues and challenges that IENs face in Ontario, understands it, and finds solutions to address it. It is not uncommon for Pat to say, “This is the problem that IENs have now, and we need to find a solution!”

2015 - Lori Shortridge

As a member of the CASN IEN Taskforce, Lori collaborated in 2008 with Kathryn Allen & others to develop and pilot the “Profession Development for Educators of IENs”. This was one of the first projects that addressed the shared responsibility of teaching and learning of both IENs and Educators of IENs. This was a national project funding through Health Canada and the Canadian Nursing Schools of Nursing (CASN).

In 2004 Lori embarked on a project with KPU faculty member, Lori to explore the challenges that existed in the workplace for IENs, and for the health care team working with IENs. The initial step was a comprehensive literature review, followed by focus groups with IENs and employers. The data gleaned from the project culminated in a report that looked not only at the challenges but also recommendations for change. The results of this project were published in 2005 and was titled, Faculty Development Program for Teachers of Internationally Educated Health Care Professionals by the Association of Canadian Medical Colleges in collaboration with the Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing. The recommendations from this report elucidated the path of licensure for IENs. Taking the information from the study, Lori spearheaded the program revisions of the KPU Re-entry program to align with the study recommendations.

Lori was instrumental in having IENs preceptored in a Shared Learning Unit (SLU) where IENs practice nursing with an interdisciplinary team of KPU (Health Unit Coordinators, Health Care Aids, and BSN) students. For many IENs, this is their first exposure to the various roles and responsibilities of each of the health care team in Canada. Lori educates the RNs on the roles of the other health providers, promotes collaboration with the interdisciplinary team with emphasis on the importance of professional communication.

Lori worked with the University of Toronto to pilot the course “Orientation to Canadian Heath Care Systems, Culture and Context” in BC. This was the first pan-Canadian course for Internationally Educated Health Care Professionals.  With the success of the pilot program, the program became a highly successful program that continues in various iterations today.

Lori is fundamental to the success of the IEN Assessment Service of BC and Professional Studies at KPU. Lori is extremely knowledgeable, passionate and committed to the profession of nursing. She exemplifies the standards of excellence in nursing and is a positive role model for all nurses, especially IENs who are entering the Canadian workforce.  Lori has huge capacity for caring and delights in her education roles with IENs.

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